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South Bali

Coconuts In Bali

Captured by: Trav Springer

Jimbaran is conveniently located right below the airport. This destination showcases white-sand beaches, affordable accommodation options, and some of the best seafood eateries in all of Bali. Although this area is often overlooked, Jimbaran offers highlights such as The Garuda Wisnu cultural park, where a giant statue of the Hindu Deity Vishnu stands so tall that it can be seen from most of Bali’s southern beaches. For my fellow foodies, especially pescatarians, the delectable Jimbaran fish market is another must-visit attraction providing some of Bali's freshest seafood. Here you can shop for an endless array of fish, crabs, shrimps, and prawns, having it cooked to perfection by Balinese locals, where you can enjoy your delicious meal with a stunning view of the ocean that caught it. 

~ Highights ~  

Jimbaran Beach, Kedonganan Fish Market, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Balanagan Beach

~ Accomdation ~

Villa Puri Royan, MaxOne, Akatara Stay Jimbaran, Made Roejas Home Stay, Bali Bobo Hostel ($) 

Zuri Express,  Ayana Resort and Spa, Mövenpick Resort, Casa Asia ($$)

 ~ Restaurants ~

Warung Mami Ikan Bakar, Waroeng PAN, Ramayana, Samasata, Bamboo ($)

Jimbaran Beach Club, Kayumanis Resto, Lia Seafood, Sundara, Akua de Bilbao ($$)

~ Beach ~

Padang Padang, Dreamland, Balanagan, Pandawa, Jimbaran, Melasti

~ Notable Temples ~

Pura Ulun Siwi Kayangan Jagat, Pura Goa Gong, Pura Segara

~ Markets ~

Morning Market, Kedonganan Fish Markett, Jenggala Bali Ceramics, Samasta Lifestyle Village

~ Nightlife ~ 

 Jimbaran Beach Club, Rock Bar, Smoqee Lounge & Sky Bar, Unique Rooftop, Club InterContinental

Melasti Beach
A bike rider on the way in Melasti Beach

Captured by: Brandon Willoughby

Melasti Beach is located at the southernmost tip of Bali and is a popular destination that often sees tour buses coming throughout the day, especially on weekends. It is advised to go early in the morning or on a weekday for those seeking maximum seclusion. Seeing that it attracts many tourists, including locals from the island of Java, this beach is kept exceptionally pristine compared to others in the area. In saying that, a small entrance fee of 12,000 rupiah is required to enter and enjoy this protected pocket of Bali. Once inside, you will witness sacred temples, winding panoramic ocean-view roads, and several upscale beach clubs such as Palmilla to explore during your time here.
A paratrooper in Pandawa

Captured by: Brandon Willoughby

Captured by: Brandon Willoughby

Pandawa is best described as an adrenaline junkie's utopia where riders of the sky and riders of the sea coexist peacefully in scenic harmony. With a small entrance fee of about 15,000 rupiah ($1 USD), visitors can begin to drive down this mesmerizing oceanside road towards this sheltered beach village. Here limestone cliffs and large Hindu statues pave the way for even more beauty below. To your right side, restrooms, shops, and warungs are stationed alongside the ocean. On the left lies a perfectly picturesque carved-out split in the limestone cliffs that has since become a road leading towards one of the best beaches in the south for swimming, surfing, or watching paragliders roam the sky. 
 The Edge 
The Edge five-star resort
The Edge is one way to guarantee that your trip to Uluwatu will be an unforgettably pampered experience. This five-star resort is most famous for its futuristic infinity pool & see-through glass bottom that's constructed over the “edge” of a heart-pounding abyss. This real-life visual gives visitors the illusion of floating over a cliff into pure nothingness. Depending on availability, the Edge offers private bungalows and luxury hotel rooms where prices range from several hundred dollars and can go upwards to even a few thousand per night. Those still wanting to visit this impressive venue without having to spend an arm and a leg should consider having a "spoil yourself" day with dinner and drinks solely at the infinity pool, which costs 500k ($32 USD) and includes a 400k ($26 USD) credit voucher that can be used for any food or drinks on the menu.

Captured by: Trav Springer

Uluwatu touches the southern tip of Bali and is far calmer than its touristy neighboring suburbs, Kuta and Seminyak. Travelers are bound to be enamored by the abundance of natural wonders in this area, such as Karang Boma Cliff, Melasti, Pandawa, Uluwatu Beach, and Uluwatu Temple, and that's just to name a few. While most beaches in Bali tend to be more of a brown, black, or gray coloring, the sand in Uluwatu is uniquely white. This helps the ocean floor become much more visible and presents an excellent opportunity for those wanting a good snorkel session. Many have compared Uluwatu to Hawaii as this destination was once primarily a surfer's paradise; however, over time, Uluwatu has become an inspirational haven for nature lovers, hikers, and digital nomads seeking the perfect work-life balance.

~ Highlights

 Ulu Watu Temple, Suluban Beach, Balangan Viewpoint, Kecak Fire Dance, Karang Boma Cliff, Single Fin Sundays

~ Accomdation ~

One Degree Sunset, Home-Bience Hostel, Surfers House Green Bowl ($)

Batu Kandik Uluwatu, Tempekan Heritage, Taman Asih Homestay, Ashana Hotel ($$)

~ Resturaunt ~

Ulu Restaurant, Natuerla, Local Warung, Yeyes, Kellys Warung, Bukit Sausage ($)

Single Fin, Om Vegan Burger, La Baracca, Cashew Tree, Single Fin ($$)

~ Beaches ~

Padang Padang Surf Beach, Nyang Nyang, Dreamland, Bingin, Melasti Beach, Thomas Beach

~ Marketplaces ~

The Find Bali, Drifters Surf Shop, Box Mart, Gooseberry Boutique, Wana Mart

~ Notable Temples ~

Wat Pura Luhur Ulu Watu, Pura Puncak Karang Boma

~ Nightlife ~ 

Savaya, Single Fins, Ulu Cliffhouse, Oneeighty Day Club, Tabuu

Dreamland Beach

Captured by: Brandon Willoughby

Dreamland Beach earns its name respectively as it's well known for its incredible surf, infinity pools, beach bars, and remarkable sunsets that will stay in your memory for many decades to come. Most visitors, both local and foreign, usually come during sunset and on weekends as you will notice many gathering on top of the Teletubbies resembling hill while other beachgoers down below are enjoying the surf, relaxing in the sand, or at one of the many beach bars and shops along the sea. 
Bingin Beach

Captured by: Jason Meng

Captured by: Brandon Willoughby & Bepa A.

Bingin Beach is a 5-minute walk down some fairly steep stairs. The rewards will definitely outweigh the effort as awaiting you below is a paradisiac oceanfront village where beach bars, fresh seafood, and airbnbs are stationed, providing scenic views at every turn. For surfers, visiting during mid-tide will allow for a good session, with 6 ft swells often making an appearance at this remote little beach. Sunsets here hit a little differently as many restaurants on Bingin provide live music where you will often see tourists enjoying freshly caught food and a nice beer as it collectively sinks into everyone's mind, "Wow, we really made it to Bali!". 
Savaya Bali
Savaya is a world-renowned venue where every known DJ has performed at or one day aspires to perform at. With artists like Calvin Harris, Diplo, Elderbrook, and hundreds more gracing the stage, DJing at Savaya is truly a right of passage. Located on the steep cliffs of southern Uluwatu, Savaya is an acclaimed floating bar and restaurant that transforms into an outdoor concert in the evening, always setting the tone for a momentous night. This place can be a costly celebration, so budget travelers should be mindful that their funds might not be too happy after a few drinks and some delicious appetizers here. Pregaming beforehand is strongly advised for those hoping not to break the bank. It's safe to say this place grabs the attention of its guests immediately with its extravagant parties, innovative architecture, and seemingly hovering mega cube, which creates an encapsulating ambiance that cannot be denied.
Padang Padang 
Padang Padang

Captured by: Brandon Willoughby

Captured by: Bali Satoshi

Padang is the infamous Uluwatu beach that has become increasingly popular amongst advanced & beginner surfers. A unique attribute of Padang is you will oftentimes spot seemingly innocent monkeys monkeying around the beach but be mindful of your belongings as these mammals have no problem grabbing your possessions to barter for a banana with. An entry fee of about 15,000 rupiah ($1 USD) is required between parking and entrance but the views and memories that you will make below will be more than worth the small tow.
Pura Luhur
Pura Luhur is a Hindu sea temple

Captured by: Mona Sophia

Captured by: Mona Sophia & Brandon Willoughby

Pura Luhur is a Hindu sea temple dedicated to the spirits of the ocean. Pura Luhur, also known as Uluwatu Temple, is a cultural phenomenon where tradition fuses with story-telling and fire dancing, creating a masterpiece of a performance. To view this captivating ceremony, a ticket and sarong for covering your lower body must be purchased and worn while in the temple. Tickets and sarongs cost about 5-7 USD, which goes a long way toward the upkeep of this divine temple. Most travelers visit during sunset to witness the beauty of the ceremony while the sun falls towards the ocean. Pura Luhur is a must-visit for those wishing to gain knowledge of the culture and pay respects to the history that has made Indonesia the incredible country that it is today. 
 Single Fin 
Single Fin Bali Rooftop Bar
Single Fin can be found hovering above the beloved Suluban Beach, also known as Uluwatu Beach. If you’ve spent a Sunday here surfing or admiring the waves, you might be on the lookout for a scenic spot to grab a drink and delicious food while meeting new friends along the way. With this venue's panoramic infinity pool overlooking the surfers below, it's a sight like no other. Once the epic sunset subsides, people can be seen groovin' the night away as the restaurant and pool turn into a dance floor, leaving room for only celebration and positive vibrations.

~ Accomdations ~ 

Blue Point Resort, Uluwatu Cottages, The Manik Toya

Nusa Dua

Captured by: Gaukhar Arritta

Nusa Dua is located in the southeast region of Bali. It is considered the most boujee of areas in Bali as this gated enclave has been a home for A-listers celebrities such as George Clooney, Mick Jagger, Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Madonna, and most recently, President Joe Biden. Its exclusivity, security, and peaceful ambiance have provided a refuge for all those who visit, as this area has a plethora of upscale resorts, hotels, private beaches, 5-star restaurants, and boutique shops for you to indulge in. Nusa Dua is best described as Bali’s favorite one-stop shop for those wishing to “have it all’ in one single location and don't mind splurging a little bit to do so.

~ Highights ~  

The Blow Hole, Pasifika Museum, Pantai Geger Beach, Serangan Island 

~ Accomdation ~

Pigeon House, A&B Homestay and Kitchen, Amaris Hotel Pratama, The Studio Inn ($)

Sunrise Aventus Hotel, Amnaya Resort, Grand Whiz Hotel, Tijili Hotel Benoa ($$)

~ Resturants ~

Warung Dobiel, Warung Bule & Susy, Nusa Dua Pizza, Muslim Mufidah, Tavern De Bali ($)

 Mr Bob Bar and Grill, Nusa Dua Beach Grill, Raja Bali, Coconut Bali, Bumbu ($$-$$$)

~ Markets ~

Bali Collection Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua Night Market, Jalan Pantai Mengiat, SOGO Department Store

~ Notable Temples ~

Jagatnatha Temple, Puja Mandala, Pura Bukit Dharma, Pura Geger Dalem Pemutih

~ Nightlife ~

Sky Bar, The Beach Club Bar, Nyoman's Beer Garden Bar, Mr Bob Bar, Manarai Beach House, Wirama Karaoke

A quiet little fishing village, Kuta

Captured by: Brandon Willoughby

Kuta was once a quiet little fishing village that has since become a hotspot for predominantly Aussie tourists looking for a good dining experience, flea markets, and rambunctious sports bars to let loose at. Most activities in the area cater to short-term vacationers looking for a good bang for their buck as it's close to the airport, and its central location allows visitors to reach great sightseeing destinations in just a short drive. Kuta is known for its marketplaces and active nightlife, so if getting to know the authentic side of Balinese culture is something of interest to you, then this location might not be the best choice for a long-term visit. The tides in this area are prime for surfers, both experienced and beginning; where dotted alongside the ocean are surf schools always kee.n on teaching willing new students.

~ Highlights ~  

Kuta Beach, Waterbom, Sea Turtle Society, Pantai Jerman, Upside Down World, 5GX Reverse Bungee

~ Accommodation ~  

 Da' hostel, Puri Rama, Lokal Bali, Warung Murah, Beach Hut ($)

Double Six Hotel, Mercure Resort, Kuta Seaview Resort, Kutabex Beach Front, Alof Bali ($$)

~ Restaurants ~  

Warung Nikmat, Tootsie Beach Bar, Cemara, The Poan, The Caesar ($)

Soul On The Beach, Fat Chow, Bamboo Bar, Coco Bistro, Shotgun Social, Kopi Pot ($$)

~ Beaches ~  

Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Padma

~ Notable Temples ~ 

Leeng Gwan Kuta Temple, Kongco Bio Kuta Chinese Temple, Mads Lange To

~ Marketplaces ~

Luke Studer Surf Shop, Beachwalk Shopping Center, Mal Bali Galeria, Surfer Girl, Upcycle

~ Nightlife ~ 

 Azul Beach Club, LXXY Bali, Jenja Club, Paddy's Pub, Bounty Disco


Captured by: Icha Mai

Sanur is located in Bali's eastern region, where its beaches are well-known for their exceptional sunrises giving visitors an enlightening start to their morning. Although there's many restaurants, shops, and nightlife opportunities here, Sanur is best known for offering the perfect hub for travelers to explore the captivating islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, The Gili islands, Lombok, and the great beyond.

~ Highlights ~ 

Blanjong Pillar, Sanur Beach, Sindhu Market, Pantai Indah, Museum Le Mayeur, Cemara Beach

~ Accomodation ~ 

Made House, Abino Harmony, Taksu Sanur, Villa Puri Ayu, Prime Plaza ($)

Mercure Resort, The Oasis Lagoon, Alantara Sanur, 
Artotel Sanur, Jepun Villa ($$)

~ Beaches ~

Sanur Beach, Mertasari, Pantai Duyung, Karang Beach, Cemara 

~ Restaurants ~

Warung Jawa, Tootsie Beach Bar, Warung Dapur, Warung Krishna, Cemara, The Caesar ($)

Soul On The Beach, Bamboo Bar, Coco Bistro, Shotgun Social, Lilla Pantai ($$)

~ Marketplaces ~

Sindhu Market, Jalan Danau Tamblingan, Hardys Sanur

~ Nightlife ~ 

NuLazer Club Bali, Bamboo Bar & Lounge, Linga Longa Bar, Casablanca, Tree Bar at Maya

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