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Brandon Willoughby ~  Oahu, Hawaii

Witnessing mandatory lockdowns occur throughout the world, the decline of mental health globally, uncountable job losses, ultimately redefining the work culture and the definition of financial security as a whole. What will the world really take away from all of this? What did you take away from all of this?

 Is Travel For You? 

Carola Hoesch-Vial ~  Cologne, Germany

I remember seeing my brother leave on an “around-the-world ticket” when I was 15. That was when I knew something like that actually existed, and it was then that I realized that one day I wanted to do the same. I was 21 when I received my booking confirmation for my first backpacking trip. It made me dance around my room uncontrollably :).

When my parents dropped me off at the train station to head to the airport, I sat with my 55-liter backpack next to me, and the train started rolling. I felt a rush of euphoria and excitement, and all I could do was smile :). That was when I undoubtedly knew, this lifestyle was really for me.

~ Carola Hoesch-Vial ~

Cologne, Germany

 Leaving The 9 To 5 

Josh Spillet ~  Plymouth, U.K

The thought of doing my job for the next 40 odd years, with only a 2-week annual holiday to look forward to felt terrifying and dull.

I would have had 75 years+ on this wonderful planet, and what would I have done with my flame of existence? Just let it spurt by and died out? No chance... I intended to flare brightly before my time here is up. 

~ Josh Spillet ~

Plymouth, U.K 

 Solo Traveling 

Krista Rose ~  Connecticut, USA

The biggest thing about traveling solo for me is definitely awareness. As a woman, alone, it can honestly be a worrisome experience; to get off a plane, or train and be somewhere completely foreign to you.

Here are some tips that have helped me.

1. Walk with Purpose.

2. Listen to your gut.

3. Repeat after me, I have a boyfriend and he's waiting in the car outside haha :).

~ Krista Rose ~

Connecticut, USA

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